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Technology Offer

„Micro Structuring of Surfaces on Glass, Ceramics, Alloys, Polymer and Composites for the purpose of protection original Products against Forgery”

Description of existing technology platform

Micro and nano structures are in general not visible for the human eye. This is one reason to use these structures for marking and signature to protect original products. This technology offers in addition to its micro and nano features the possibility of individual identification by documentation in relation to its production process or integrate within products, producers, owners, suppliers and users.

The micro and nano structuring could be realised by stamping relevant product surfaces with an individual code. Innovation is a safe individual, confidential code for products against forgery. (picture1)



picture 1

Applications possible:

Bank notes, arts, safety parts ( car, aero plane, power plant) porcelain, glas, watches, jewellery, micro parts and – systems, micro electronic and others. 

Names of companies, product informations, owners code could be marked and signatured against plagiarism. ((applied for a patent (Patentanmeldung DE 10 2009 004 305.5))

Another high innovative field of application for parts with a signature of this kind is quality control and inspection of friction & wear, corrosion, plastic deformation, temper, and similar influences on parts and surfaces. This is relevant in case of damage and wear of original products compared to non originals.


Innovation aspects

  • Individual complex signatures
  • different materials, very hard surfaces
  • not visible, non detectable from  non  authorized persons
  • no limits in use
  • possible size and area of measurement 0,00001 mm or 0,01 µm
  • low cost of investment, possible standard for QA
  • Equipment on the market  
  • No implanting, sticking, glueing or colours
  • No chemicals, environmental safe, no optical effects, no surface damage

Cooperation opportunities

  • application oriented development with customer
  • contract development on individual products, brands, companies, inscriptions
  • licensee

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